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“Spectra provided tremendous guidance to our portfolio company. We hired them to accelerate the business’ growth while at the same time preparing the company for sale. The portfolio company went from one of our ‘challenging projects’ to a real success story.”

– Managing Director, $50 billion diversified asset management firm

“Spectra Consulting Partners offers an invaluable approach – they dig right in and provide immediate advice. They helped us get our Strategy and Growth initiatives aligned. Ron Schultz has a knack for finding the right “pulse points” that will make a difference to growth and profitability.”

– CEO, leading human resource services outsourcing provider

Are you worried you’re paying a price for slow growth?

Have you been considering a potential sale of the business – if you could get the right price?

Do you wonder if leadership issues could be hindering success?

These are the kinds of challenges we tackle because there is no standard playbook. However, there ARE common ingredients for growth that need to be in place, but how each company applies them will be different.

We delve into the specifics of your company, your team, and your markets to develop the right combination of strategic analysis and tactical execution that will work for YOUR business.

Service Areas


CLIENT SUCCESS: 20% revenue growth for 7 years
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Continual, year-over-year growth is the best path to increasing company value. Achieving this is elusive because there are many ways growth can stall. We’ve identified 6 levers that are instrumental to solving growth challenges. Assessing each individually and optimizing them in the right combination is how we help you get and stay on a growth track.

Peak Value

CLIENT SUCCESS: Increased enterprise value 3.5X in 3 years
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There are certain times when you want your business to be recognized for its peak value. Achieving this requires a defined approach with disciplined oversight. It’s not something that can be achieved overnight or by chance. We help clients with the strategic framework and tacitcal steps necessary to make this goal a reality.


CLIENT SUCCESS: Assisted CEO to acheive 4X ROI for private equity owner
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There is much written about leadership. We take a pragmatic approach that doesn’t involve fancy concepts or long leadership development programs. Rather, we assist in finding the few improvements that will have the biggest impact on leadership performance and key project successes.

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